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Ready-to-use vectors -

Successful Delivery of Your Transgenes

Thanks to our expertise with challenging projects, we can provide powerful tools to deliver even your most difficult transgenes, as well as complex designs (high cargo, fusions, inducible systems…).

Custom Design

With tens of promoters and transgenes available in our catalog, you have a wide choice on which to build your vector. Plus, with our On-Demand Service, we can produce a fully customized vector, with your very own sequence of interest.

Targeted & Optimized Expression

Whether it is through the use of a specific promoter, or the pseudotype of your vector, you can easily target your transgene expression.
The kinetics of the transgene expression can also be defined using integrase mutations.

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Boost your R&D with the Most Powerful Vectors

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Lenti-ONE vectors are ready-to-use lentiviral vectors. They are highly concentrated, providing great efficiency in vitro as well as in vivo.

Each lentiviral vector contains one transgene (or two fused), and is fully customizable:

  • Ubiquitous promoters: CAG, CMV, EF1a, PGK, Ubiquitin…
  • Specific promoters: AP2, GFAP, NSE, Synapsin…
  • Integrase mutations to modulate expression in time
  • Two envelopes: VSV or Mokola for a glial targeting

If the transgene you need is not on our list, don’t hesitate to contact us, because it can certainly be produced by our On-Demand service.