Lenti-ONE PhiC31-NLS


PhiC31-NLS cDNA encodes a PhiC31 phage recombinase fused with a Nuclear Localization Signal (sequence from Streptomyces phage PhiC31 genome, AJ006589.2, 1836 pb). This serine recombinase recognizes an attB (or pseudo attB) sequence and an attP (or pseudo-attP) sequence and mediates recombination between both sequences. This allows, for instance, the integration of a DNA fragment of interest into host cell chromosomes.


phiC31 mediated recombination

Two non-integrative Lenti-ONE® vectors are used to mediate integration:

  • the first vector is a non-integrative Lenti-ONE PhiC31-NLS. It delivers the phiC31 recombinase
  • the second vector contains the sequence of interest with the attB sequence needed for the recombination with pseudo attP sites present in most mamalian genomes.

If you wish to order a lentiviral vector with attB sequences and your tansgene of interest, please contact us.

Examples of Applications

  • Use in vitro, in vivo or for transgenesis purposes to mediate site specific integration of a substrate DNA vector which contains an attB site into attP or pseudo attP sites
  • Use in vitro, in vivo or in transgenesis purpose for Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange in cells already containing a sequence flanked by attP or attB sites