Lenti Flpo



Lenti-ONE Flpo

Lenti-ONE GFP carries the transgene green fluorescent protein. Its expression can be assessed by fluorescent microscopy or by flow cytometry, thus giving valuable informations about the transduction efficiency of the vector.



Flpo cDNA is a codon-optimized version of Flp (flippase) which encodes a tyrosine recombinase (sequence from Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome, AKA10112.1, 1299 pb). This recombinase recognizes FRT sequences and mediates recombination between two FRT sites. This reaction can be used to excise a DNA fragment flanked by FRT sequences or to integrate a DNA fragment into a single FRT sequence.

Specific integration of a sequence of interest into a FRP site

Lenti Flpo -

The sequence of interest and Flpo are delivered by two non-integrative Lenti-ONE vectors.

Specific excision of a sequence flanked by FRT sites


Lenti Flpo -

Flpo is delivered by a non-integrative Lenti-ONE vector.


For this lentiviral vector, we recommend choosing a non-integrative mutant (IN(D64V) for example). This will make Flpo expression transient so that the potential toxicity of the recombinase is not deleterious.

  • Use in vitroin vivo or for transgenesis purposes to mediate site specific integration of a substrate DNA vector which contains a FRT site into a target FRT site

  • Use in vitroin vivo or for transgenesis purposes to mediate excision of a DNA sequence flanked by FRT sites, eg: to generate a conditional KO or to induce expression of a specific transgene

  • Use in vitroin vivo or for transgenesis purposes for Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange in cells containing a target sequence flanked by FRT sites