Next-generation nanoparticles for drug delivery

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    The Best balance Biosafety / Efficacy
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    High Stability for in vivo use
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    Large Cargo capacity

Technology platforms


DNA vector systems
Integrating & Non-Integrating platform


RNA vector systems
Proprietary platform

Protein vector systems

Open innovation for biotherapy


GEG Tech establishes research programs using its platform with academic and industrial groups for.

New therapies

Using our technology platform, a wide range of therapeutic approaches can be deployed such as gene therapy, immunotherapy or vaccination.

Genome editing

GEG Tech designs new efficient and safe genome editor vectors

Gene therapy

GEG Tech platforms are enabling the design of the next generation of gene therapies and focuses specifically on biosafety

Cancer immunotherapy

GEG Tech technology platforms open new avenues to genetically engineer immune cells with unprecedented efficacy


GEG Tech technology platforms offer a powerful way to develop the next generations of nucleic acid-based vaccines

Ready to use vectors

The most Powerful & Customizable lentiviral vectors to boost your R&D

Genetically Modified Models

Cellular models

GEG Tech provides custom standard & complex cell lines

Animal models

GEG Tech provides custom standard & complex animal models


GEG Tech platforms enable the high-level production of standard & complex recombinant proteins