GEG Tech team has developed over the past 15 years and thousands of vector productions a unique know-how and expertise. Our constant innovation process has led us to develop more efficient tools and to enlarge application fields of lentiviral vector technology. We have successfully provided vectorization systems to our partners and collaborators for a wide range of applications, from experimental gene therapy studies in vitro and in vivo with the development of genetically defined animal models in mice as well as pigs.

 Working with GEG Tech takes the effort out of vector construction. Combined with their prompt delivery and professionalism, they have accelerated my research.  

B.W., Deputy director, Head of Division of Developmental Biology, The Roslin Institute, UK.


université de genève

 We have tested GEG Tech lentiviral vectors on pluripotent stem cells and hepatocytes. In our hands, the vectors work very well and the expression was good. Besides, the production titer was higher than what was announced, which is quite rare. We are therefore satisfied with GEG Tech lentiviral vectors and recommend them to other scientists.  

C.U., PhD, Geneva University, Switzerland.

 We were impressed by GEG Tech’s capability to provide custom-made, high-quality reagents for our transduction experiments, as well as targeted advice and assistance for using them. We will continue our collaboration and encourage others to use their products.  

O.G., Assistant professor, Oncogen Center for Gene and Cellular Therapies in the Treatment of Cancer, Romania.


university of florida

 GEG Tech takes the effort out of vector design and construction, they provide a strong support to help using the vectors in the best conditions. Their know-how in vectorology allows us to generate efficient Lenti vector, even with large and complex expression cassettes.  

A.K., Assistant professor, University of Florida, USA.

 GEG Tech lentiviral vectors are the most efficient vectors that I have ever used so far. We used their LVs for our breast cancer models.  

A.A., Lab manager, Brisken Lab, EPFL, Switzerland.



 Turnaround time was wonderful and the Lentiviral Vectors website was very user friendly.  

M.O., Research scientist III, AMRI, USA

 We are satisfied with GEG Tech lentiviral vectors and recommend them to scientists.  

D.C., Senior scientist, Torque Therapeutics, USA.