The GEG Tech platform offers a unique selection of high-performance nanoparticles for genetic engineering: R&D and therapeutic solutions. DNA-One has unmatched efficacy in a wide range of applications, making it the most powerful vector for a wide range of applications requiring robust gene expression. RNA-One is an unique nanoparticle developed for biomedical applications. RNA-One provides an exceptionally high level of biosafety without compromising its effectiveness and while embarking large payloads with a potential precision targeting function. VLP-One opens new possibilities for applications where biosafety is the primary concern. 

GEG-Tech nanoparticles are nature-inspired, which is an excellent technique to design and manufacture high-performance systems. GEG Tech nanoparticles mix viral and non-viral components such as lipid bilayers or capsids; they are manufactured using biologic systems, imparting excellent stability and efficacy as well as the capacity to target specific cells or tissues and deliver large payloads. These characteristics make these nanoparticles an effective delivery strategy for primary cells or in vivo applications.

GEG Tech technology has been refined over the years in close collaboration with cutting-edge lab clients and partners. Our research has been motivated by the following goals: Efficacy, Biosafety Stability, High Payload, and Cell Targeting.

Efficacy is often the primary concern in both biological and research applications. One of the most common causes of research dead ends and failure is a lack of efficacy. GEG Tech stands out from the crowd by providing efficacy levels in practically every context. GEG Tech technologies increase the likelihood of R&D and therapeutic project success.

Biosafety is the most sensitive issue in biomedical applications This is why GEG Tech has optimized the DNA-One platform and developed the RNA-One and VLP-One platforms to be able to deliver a payload efficiently while greatly reducing biosafety issues, particularly genotoxicity, which has long been a compromise with efficacy.

Stability is becoming increasingly important in biomedical applications. For the logistical challenge of preserving, but notably to be able to administer in vivo therapeutic treatments to patients efficiently. GEG Tech nanoparticles are the most stable nanoparticles due to their unique combination of viral and non-viral features such as lipid bilayer and capsid.

Payload capacity is becoming an increasingly important feature for vectorizing complicated systems for R&D and therapeutic applications. GEG Tech nanoparticles can vectorize complex systems and have a high payload capability.

Cell targeting has two advantages: it improves efficacy by concentrating nanoparticle content in the right place, and it improves biosafety by preventing spread to undesirable cells or organs. GEG Tech designed nanoparticles with a lipid bilayer structure that may readily be combined with targeting systems by simply altering glycoprotein components. This gives in vivo applications a major edge.

GEG Tech technology is used in various contexts by several of the most advanced academic and private laboratories: 

  • Transgenesis to design advanced small and large animal models.


  • Specific applications requiring design cell targeting systems for R&D or therapeutic applications. 


  • Genetic Engineering to vectorize genome editors as ZFN, TALEN, CRISPR systems, Prime or based editor systems, in R&D or therapeutic contexts


  • Cancer immunotherapy to develop CAR cells or add transitory elements that must be delivered in vivo. 


  • Vaccination to create stable and efficient nanoparticles capable of inducing the desired immune response and pathogen protection. Furthermore, GEG Tech nanoparticles can enhance immunization in some circumstances through single and/or intranasal administration.