Lenti-ONE GFP-Luc

Lenti-ONE GFP-Luc


Lenti-ONE GFP-2A-Luc2 carries the expression sequences of a fusion protein containing:

  • GFP cDNA which encodes green fluorescent protein (artificial sequence derived from Aequorea victoria genome, GU452685.1, 696 pb). GFP is a fluorescent reporter protein allowing the monitoring of expression and transduction by fluorescent microscopy or by flow cytometry
  • Sequence 2A, a cleavage sequence (from Porcine teschovirus 11, GenBank: ACT66686.1)
  • Luc2 cDNA which encodes the firefly luciferase 2 (artificial sequence derived from Photinus pyralis genome, AB644228.1, 1647 pb). Luc2 is a reporter enzyme allowing monitoring expression and transduction by bioluminescence assay.

Examples of Applications

  • Use in vitro, in vivo as a control with another vector