Genome editing


GEG Tech Nanoparticles for genome editing

Genome editing is used to correct, introduce or delete DNA sequences in different type of cells and organisms. Technologies able to modify DNA exist for several decades, however, discovery of new genome editors have made genome editing faster, cheaper and more efficient. Nevertheless, to fulfill that role, genome editing systems must enter the cells and need to be combined with a vector to undertake that task. Standard vectors are not fulfilled for that, they are either efficient or safe, not both. One of the most significant challenges is the design of new generations of vectors able to efficiently and safely deliver genome editing systems.


GEG Tech has designed nanoparticles with a high cargo capacity, combining biosafety and efficacy to deliver genome editing systems. These nanoparticles allow transient expression of genome editing systems, they are very stable due to their biologic components protecting the payload, and the mechanism of cell entry highly efficient.  


GEG Tech nanoparticles have been successful validated in vitro and in vivo in various contexts with several genome editors such as Zinc Finger Nuclease, CRISPR/Cas9 system, Prime Editing system or Base Editing system.


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