Lenti-ONE eNpHR3-GFP



Lenti-ONE eNpHR3-GFP

Lenti-ONE GFP carries the transgene green fluorescent protein. Its expression can be assessed by fluorescent microscopy or by flow cytometry, thus giving valuable informations about the transduction efficiency of the vector.

Lenti-ONE eNpHR3-GFP


eNpHR3.0 cDNA is the engineered form of NpHR, Halorhodopsin from Natronomonas (GenBank: EF474018.1, 876bp). eNpHR3.0 is used in optogenetics for light inhibition of neural cells.. It is a chloride pump that, when activated by yellow light, hyperpolarizes the cell. In doing so, it prevents the transmission of an action potential. To make its expression easily traceable, it is fused with the GFP cDNA encoding a green fluorescent protein (sequence from Aequorea victoria genome, AAB02574.1, 717bp). This fluorescent reporter protein allows the monitoring of expression and transduction by fluorescent microscopy or by flow cytometry.

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Lenti-ONE eNpHR3-GFP -


  • Use in vitro or in vivo to study nervous system

  • Use in vitro or in vivo to study neurodegenerescence pathways and develop experimental therapy for neurodegenerative diseases

A few neuron specific promoters are available, such as NSE or Synapsin. They will allow neuron specific expression of the Halorhodopsin.