Transgenic animal models have become a key tool in fundamental research as well as in biomedical area. Indeed, animal models provide relevant insight and significantly improve our understanding of gene functions and disease mechanisms. Moreover, they are an invaluable tool to target discovery, validation, and production of therapeutic proteins.

Thanks to their efficiency and diversity of design, lentiviral vectors are a tool of choice to generate animal models in small species such as rodents but also in large species such as swine.

Diversity of design:

  • Promoter to achieve ubiquitous or tissue specific expression
  • Inducible system to choose the timing of expression
  • Genome editing tools to obtain Knock-Out or Knock-In models
Transgenesis -

example of application

Alternative oxidase expression in the mouse enables bypassing cytochrome c oxidase blockade and limits mitochondrial ROS overproduction.

More than 95% efficiency in mice with GEG Tech vectors

Rapid Cohort Generation and Analysis of Disease Spectrum of Large Animal Model of Cone Dystrophy.

More than 60% efficiency in swine with GEG Tech vectors