Highly efficient in vitro and in vivo delivery of functional RNAs using new versatile MS2-chimeric retrovirus-like particles

RNA delivery is an attractive strategy to achieve transient gene expression in research projects and in cell- or gene-based therapies. However, RNA transfer tools developed until that are not enough efficient to be used in primary cells and in vivo. Viral vector constitute an efficient platform for nucleic acid delivery. In this study, the authors develop a smart retrovirus-like particle. They evaluated the capacity to transfer MS2-Coat-binding RNAs from redesigned HIV-1-derived vectors. Their results confirmed by quantitative assays that MS2 chimeric RNA lentiviral particles contained RNAs of interest. Furthermore, they successfully tested this chimeric vector to transducer in vivo muscle and liver, to induce shift in the transcription program of primary bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells and also to express a genome editing tools in transgenesis .

GEG Tech has also developed their own RNA vectors derived from the HIV-1, the Lenti-ONE Trans vectors (patented). The design strategy to obtain this type of vector is different but the results are closed. Lenti-ONE Trans Vectors have been validated in vitroin vivo and in transgenesis to express therapeutic factors such as VEGF agonist and antagonist, differentiation factors or genome editing tools such as Cre or Zinc Finger Nucleases.

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