Novel CAR T-Cell Therapy Displays Activity in Glioblastoma

CARv3-TEAM-E T cells are CAR T cells targeting EGFR variant III tumor-specific antigen (EGFRvIII) in addition to wild-type EGFR. According to the results of the phase 1 INCIPIENT trial (NCT05660369) published in the New England Journal of Medicine, preliminary results in humans demonstrated that all 3 glioblastoma patients treated with CARv3-TEAM-E T cells between March 2023 and July 2023 showed dramatic and rapid radiographic regression of their tumors within days of receiving CARv3-TEAM-E T cells via a single intraventricular infusion. Responses were transient in 2 of the patients, however 1 patient, a 72-year-old man, showed an 18.5% decrease in tumor cross-sectional area on day 2 after receiving a single infusion of 10 x 106 CAR-positive CARv3-TEAM-E T cells. Moreover, 69 days after infusion, tumor cross-sectional area had decreased by a further 60.7% from baseline; the response was sustained and continued to improve at the last assessment, which took place more than 150 days after infusion.

Novel CAR T-Cell Therapy Displays Activity in Glioblastoma - Blog

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