Cancer Cells Deliver CRISPR to Fight Cancer

In a study, researchers have developed a novel CRISPR-Cas9 delivery system using cryo-choked lung tumor cells to target Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), particularly those with KRAS mutations. The technique involves using lung tumor cells treated by rapid shock with liquid nitrogen, effectively inactivating their pathogenicity while preserving their structure and surface receptors. These cryo-choked cells serve as carriers for CRISPR-Cas9, which aims to edit the CDK4 gene, a key player in the proliferation of KRAS-mutant NSCLC cells. In NSCLC carrier mice, in vivo injection of packaged CRISPR-Cas9 plasmids into cryo-choked lung cancer cells led to an almost four-fold higher concentration in the lungs compared with administration by lipofectamine. The new CRISPR delivery system showed a significant reduction in tumor size and prolonged survival, marking an important advance in the use of gene editing for cancer treatment.

 Cancer Cells Deliver CRISPR to Fight Cancer - Blog

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