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Our experience and creativity can help you give a fresh boost to your project.

Two On-Demand services, each of them adapted to your needs: a simple customized production, or help and advice from vector design to production.

We walk you through the expression and definition of your needs and objectives and take your scientific, budgetary, time or resources constraints into account.


Top Class Advice

Vectorology experts at your service to go through all the requirements of your project.


Powerful Customization

Choose between our catalog of promoters and transgenes, or ask for your own to be built.


Optimize your Resources

From plasmid contruction and production, to vector production and titer, we take care of everything.

Depending on your objective, you can choose between two On-Demand services.


Priority Program

Our catalog contains more than 5,000 products and we regularly expand our list of promoters and transgenes.

You've browsed our catalog and couldn’t find the combination you are looking for?
Don’t hesitate to ask us for a customization of your expression cassette!

Vectors can be provided as Lenti-ONE™, Lenti-ONE™ Epi or Lenti-ONE™ Trans and you can also choose among our envelope glycoproteins.

  •  Customize the vector genome by choosing a promoter, transgene, and multiple options
  •  Define the transgene expression in time with integrase mutations
  •  Specify the volume and titer needed for your project

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Advanced Service

You are facing troubles? You have challenging objectives and want to upgrade your research?

Contact us! We can help you develop a specific tool, solve production, transduction, or expression issues.

Our scientific team is at your service to bring you first class advice and expertise, and support you all along the design of the optimal solution.

  •  Get expert advice on how lentiviral vectors can be used within your project
  •  Get your very own transgene and/or promoter built
  •  Find solutions to budgetary, resources and scientific issues

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