Anchor Technology

Live tracking of Lenti-ONE in living cells

The ANCHOR breakthrough technology developed by NeoVirTech allows real time visualisation and quantification of virus and viral vector infection/transduction and replication in living cells. This innovative system allows to tag the virus genomes and to visualize their cycle with an extreme accuracy.

GFP spots in living cells

GEG Tech has successfully integrated the ANCHOR system in their lenti-ONE lines. It is now possible to easily and precisely live visualize the transduction step of a Lenti-ONE, containing standard transgenes or your sequence of interest, to evaluate precisely the efficiency of the transduction in your experimental context to find the best conditions.

Furthermore, ANCHOR system allows the precise determination and without difficulty of the number of integration of lenti-ONE genomes by cell.This way, you can screen and easily select clonal populations with the wanted number of integration.

As you can see on the video below, ANCHOR technology is based on two elements, the fusion of OR protein with a florescent reporter and the ANCH sequence which binds OR. GEG Tech provides ANCHOR technology either through two vectors system (OR and ANCH in two different Lenti-ONE) or in all-in-one system with OR and ANCH in the same Lenti-ONE.

The ANCH sequence contains nucleation seeds for the binding of OR proteins. Insertion of the sequence in the vector genome does not disturb the expression of Lenti-ONE nor induces genotoxicity.The OR-Fluorescent Protein expressing gene specifically recognizes and spreads on the ANCH sequence, triggering the formation of a fluorescent focus easily detectable and quantifiable by microscopy (either classical or High content). The strong accumulation of OR-FP protein onto its cognate ANCH sequence is far enough to detect single DNA molecules. Therefore, fluorescent spot corresponds to the position of a single vector DNA copy.

Click on the miniature to see the full-size image or here to download the PDF.

Don’t hesitate to ask more informations about ANCHOR-Lenti-ONE. We also can include it in your system.