Improving CAR-based-immunotherapies using a molecular anchor

CAR T cells have shown some success in the clinic in treating certain cancers, such as relapsed leukemia. However, CAR T cells have not been successful in delivering solid tumors, in part because of problems with immune cell activation. Adding a molecular anchor to the key protein used to recognize cancer in cellular immunotherapies can make treatments much more effective. The researchers found that immune cells with the anchored protein increased cancer killing, regardless of their cell type or the type of cancer targeted. The concept of molecular anchoring is thus a new design for improving chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) based immunotherapies. Anchored CARs have increased survival in animal models of several tumor types, including lung, bone and brain cancers. CARs have shown promise in the clinic, but have not yet achieved widespread success in all tumor types. The findings were published in Nature Biotechnology.

Improving CAR-based-immunotherapies using a molecular anchor - Blog

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