Alternative oxidase (AOX)

Alternative oxidase (AOX) has been identified as a potential therapeutic agent for mitochondrial diseases for several years. Naturally present only in plants, its fonctions in insects and vertebrates was unknow so far.

Alternative oxidase (AOX) - Blog, Vectorology

The first transgenic mouse model was produced by GEG Tech’s Team (El-Khoury R, et al. (2013)), validating the safety of stable expression of AOX in mammals in vivo.

Alternative oxidase (AOX) - Blog, Vectorology

A second study (Szibor M, et al. (2017)) has demonstrated its potential in therapy. They showed that AOX conferred robust resistance to inhibitors of the respiratory chain in organello; moreover, animals exposed to a systemically applied LD50 dose of cyanide did not succumb.

Alternative oxidase (AOX) - Blog, Vectorology

More recently, Giordano L, et al. (2021) demonstrates the possibility of bringing AOX transiently via an RNA platform and observed respiration support and protection against respiratory inhibition.

GEG Tech is also developing its own DNA and RNA platforms, combining high delivery efficiency with high biosafety, therefore leading the expertise regardinf AOX and its RNA vectorization and delivery. We would be happy to help you if you want take advantage of our know-how in AOX vectorization for your projects!

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