Novel vesiculovirus envelope glycoproteins

Novel vesiculovirus envelope glycoproteins - Vectorology

Pseudotyping of lentiviral vector with novel vesiculovirus envelope glycoproteins derived from Chandipura and Piry viruses Lentiviral vectors are commonly pseudotyped with the heterologous envelope VSV-G due to its broad host tropism and stability conferred. However, in some cases, the sensibility of VSV-G by human complement hinders the use of lentiviral vectors for broader applications. In […]

The rise of CAR-T therapies

The rise of CAR-T therapies - Vectorology

Lentiviral vectors: the secret behind the rise of CAR-T therapies CAR-T has become a hype within the biotech field recently. Companies promising to deliver this new generation of therapies are shining on stock markets, sometimes leading to billion-dollar valuations. But the rise of CAR-Ts would not have been possible without a crucial technology: the lentiviral […]