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GEG Tech offers the largest choice of fully customizable lentiviral vectors, available as single vectors or as sets of vectors.



A large choice of lentiviral vectors to answer your need and perfectly fit your objectives

many samples
  •  More than 5,000 products: design your expression cassette with your favorite transgene and promoter
  •  Lentiviral vectors allowing long term expression of transient expression, depending on your goal
  •  Improve the specificity of cell targeting thanks to our choice envelope glycoprotein
  •  Get high titer vectors for your in vivo applications or to transduce poorly permissive cells in vitro

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The perfect product to set up your experimental conditions

  •  Which promoter will bring the most appropriate transgene expression?
  •  Need to try various envelopes to target a cell type?
  •  You want transient expression for your transgene? Which mutation will be perfect?

To answer those questions, GEG-tech has chosen some essential products and proposes them as bundles to allow you to test several promoters, integrases and envelopes. Then, you can experimentally determine the optimal configuration!

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