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  How should I store the viral vectors?

Upon receipt, the viral vectors must be stored at -80°C.


  How should I thaw the viral vectors?

The vectors should be taken out from the -80°C freezer at the last moment and kept on ice for gentle thawing. Once thawed, the vectors should be used for transduction as soon as possible to avoid degradation. It is essential to avoid heat shock of the viral vectors and cells. If the vectors should be diluted in medium, use a medium at room temperature to minimize the heat shock experienced by both vectors and cells.


  Can I refreeze the viral vectors and use it more than once?

We recommend not refreezing the viral vectors. The viral vectors are packaged in working aliquots of 25µL and only one freeze-thaw cycle is recommended before use. In order to guarantee viral vectors titer, we recommend keeping freeze-thaw cycles to a minimum. In case that more than one freeze-thaw cycle is required according to your application, GEG Tech recommends applying a decrease of about 15% in viral vectors titer for each freeze-thaw cycles.


  What is the recommended medium to use for transduction?

Generally, the best medium to use is the medium your cells are used to. The transduction efficiency will be the best while your target cells grow into their favorite medium.