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  What are the safety issues when using GEG Tech lentiviral vectors?

GEG Tech vectors and Sets are biosafety level 2 products. The use of retroviral derived vectors implies laboratory biosafety procedures and practices in accordance with regulations applicable in your country. All lentiviral vectors provided by GEG Tech are produced through the transfection of three plasmids and are SIN lentiviral vectors. The viral vectors are not capable of producing replicative particles from transduced cells; however they maintain full transduction efficiency to a wide range of cells. Please refer to the material safety datasheet for more information.

  See Safety and regulatory issues section


  What can I use GEG Tech vectors for?

GEG Tech vectors are suited for research applications, either in vitro or in vivo, providing that you respect local laws regarding GMO class 2 storage and handling.

All GEG Tech vectors are distributed for laboratory research use only and cannot under any circumstances be used for diagnostic or treatment applications.