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  How are GEG Tech lentiviral vectors different from other viral vectors?

GEG Tech has a particular know-how in the field of lentiviral vector design and production stemming from more than fifteen years of research during which more than several thousands of lentiviral vectors have been produced. This experience has led us to set up optimized protocols and reach high quality standards, constantly improved. Hence, GEG Tech lentiviral vector productions show high efficiency, suited for either in vitro, in vivo or transgenesis applications. Our expertise allows us to take on all challenges. Notably, we provide our clients with lentiviral vectors expressing particularly challenging transgenes, for instance, ones that directly interfere with the lentiviral cycle. GEG Tech also constantly innovates. Our innovations, driven by the needs and expectations of researchers, enable GEG Tech to propose new generations of lentiviral vectors such as high titer Lenti-ONE™ Epi and Trans vectors (see below).


  What is in GEG Tech lentiviral vector catalog?

Thanks to its fifteen years’ experience in the field of lentiviral vectors, GEG Tech has gathered a catalog of more than 2,800 references, which is constantly enriched with new products and new options. The vectors displayed in the catalog present a variety of promoters and transgenes for a large diversity of application fields such as angiogenesis, apoptosis, neurology, ophthalmology, genome editors. Furthermore, these combinations are declined with GEG Tech specific features, including our collection of integrases and envelopes. GEG Tech products are also available with several packaging options: we propose small volumes, particularly suited for preliminary assays or small scale in vitro studies. Small volumes are also available as bunches of products: the Tryout Sets. They represent the must-have to optimize your vector configuration. Larger volumes are available to answer recurrent usages; GEG Tech high titer vectors (ranging from 107 TU/mL for Lenti-ONE™ Epi and Lenti-ONE™ Trans vectors to 108 TU/mL for Lenti-ONE™) are perfect for most in vitro applications, while GEG Tech High Titer+ vectors will allow to transduce most transduction-resistant cells in vitro and are particularly suited for your in vivo and transgenesis applications.


  What is the GEG Tech On-demand Priority program?

GEG Tech proposes a catalog of more than 2,800 products, constantly enriched. You've browsed it and couldn’t find the product you’re looking for? With the aim of serving its clients as efficiently as possible, GEG Tech is always willing to hear about researcher’s needs. Don’t hesitate to contact GEG Tech team and ask them to make your favorite transgene our top priority! Fill the form to share your specific needs and GEG Tech will give you a quote and an estimated timeframe for the preparation of your customized vector.


  What is the GEG Tech Advanced On-demand service?

You have very specific needs? You are repeatedly failing to produce a specific lentiviral vector, to target your favorite cells, to express your favorite transgene or to generate your transgenic animal model? GEG Tech advanced on-demand service was made for you! Our high degree of expertise allows us to propose the “Advanced on demand” services to answer your most specific expectations. Choosing GEG Tech Advanced on-demand service will guarranty a step-by-step support and advice from our technical experts team. GEG Tech will accompany you in the development of the optimized solution for the best fit for your requirements.