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  What is the On-Demand Priority Program?

GEG Tech offers a catalog displaying more than 2,800 products, constantly enriched. You've browsed it and couldn’t find the lentiviral vector you’re looking for? With the aim of serving its clients as efficiently as possible, GEG Tech is always willing to hear about researcher’s needs. Don’t hesitate to contact GEG Tech team and ask for your favorite transgene to be made our top priority! Fill the form to share your specific needs and GEG Tech will give you a quote and an estimated delay.

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  What is the Advanced On-Demand Service?

Your needs are very specific? You are repeatedly failing to produce a specific lentiviral vector, to target your favorite cells, to express your favorite transgene or to generate your transgenic animal model? GEG Tech advanced on-demand service is made for you! Our high degree of expertise allows us to propose the “Advanced on-demand” services to answer your most specific expectations. Choosing GEG Tech advanced on-demand service will guarantee you a step-by-step support and advice from our technical experts team. GEG Tech will accompany you in the development of the optimized solution for the best fit to your requirements.

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