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Within our uniquely rich catalog, Lenti-ONE vectors express various transgenes through various promoters. You can find integrative, non-integrative and transient vectors, as well as pantropic or cell specific vectors. Thanks to this wide variety of vectors, you can choose the best tool to specifically answer your needs.



To easily find the vector you are looking for, use one or several of the following vector features:

  • The three lines of GEG-tech vectors that will preselect vectors according to their transgene expression duration and level.
  • Fields of Application where vectors can be used. Note that one vector can be used in multiple application fields.
  • Vector genome specifications, such as the promoter determinant element to achieve ideal transgene expression, transgene, PRE and backbone options.
  • Integrase and Reverse-transcriptase mutations, with various expression patterns allowing to specify the vector integration ability and delimitate the transgene expression in time.
  • Envelope pseudotyping, which delimitates the cell type that will be transduced by your vector. Envelopes can provide either an ubiquitous or cell-type specific expression.

All vector elements contribute, in their own way, to the final efficiency of the vector. Each of them must thus be chosen carefully to achieve your project purposes.

Depending on your project, you can start your search with any of them, then refine with other modules if needed.