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GEG Tech has been founded in 2013 in Paris, France. Our R&D team mostly originated from cutting-edge research laboratories (incl. CNRS, the leading French research institution, and the Riken Institute from Japan), where we cumulate more than 15 years experience in pionneering research on advanced vectorization systems.

Since its foundation, GEG tech's mission has been to design and provide cutting-edge vectorization and gene editing solutions, to help private and public research laboratories meet their innovation challenges.

Historically our core area of expertise is the design of advanced vectorization systems based on lentiviral technologies, where we hold a world-class know-how. From there, we regularly extend the range of our products and services to meet our Client's needs.

GEG Tech laboratory is located in the heart of Paris-area scientific hub (plateau de Saclay), in the François-Hyafil R&D center. Our R&D site (certified ISO 14 001) benefit from a complete set of state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment (incl. biosafety levels 2 and 3 labs, as well as animal facilities).




GEG Tech R&D team is focused on innovation in gene transfer tools and constantly innovate to improve lentiviral vector features, capabilities and safety. We aim at creating new tools which take every advantage of the lentivirus biology:

  • Lenti-ONE™: integrative lentiviral vectors that allow long term expression
  • Lenti-ONE™ Epi: Integration-Deficient lentiviral vectors
  • Lenti-ONE™ Trans: mRNA lentiviral vectors for a fully transient gene transfer
  • Pseudotyping: test GEG Tech VSV- or Mokola- pseudotyped lentiviral vectors to enhance the specificity toward your target cells



For the last 15 years, the GEG Tech R&D team has been gaining experience in the field of lentiviral vectors through production of thousands of stocks, for multiple customers, various purposes and a wide range of R&D fields.

GEG Tech engages its knowhow and skills to the benefit of your R&D:

  • to make your project research efficient
  • to answer relevant questions in the most efficient way
  • to identify bottlenecks and provide original solutions
  • to optimize your resources and productivity



Thanks to our production methods, based on transient transfection instead of a stable producer cell line, each element can be modified at will to design the perfect vector for your specific needs and R&D objectives:

  • Cell targeting: choose a specific envelope to modulate the transduction or a specific promoter to determine in which cell the transgene is expressed
  • Gene expression kinetic and duration: choose between GEG Tech Lenti-ONE™, Lenti-ONE™ Epi or Lenti-ONE™ Trans vectors
  • Concentration of the particles: choose between GEG Tech high titer or high titer+ to efficiently transduce your target cells in vitro or in vivo

Commercially available plasmids kits for lentiviral vector construction are basic and do not offer the flexibility you would need to design the vector that would perfectly fulfill your needs.

With multiple check-points all along the process, we can ensure the quality of our products:

  • Plasmid quality check
  • Transfection efficiency
  • Cell growth
  • Titration